Saturday, August 28, 2010

Challenge in Progress

My friend Jessica has been posting some pretty awesome pages on her blog. She was telling me about this site called Scrapbook Challenges and she talked me into signing up and giving one a try. I haven't scrapped in so long that some of you are probably wondering if I have abandonded it altogether. So not only as proof that I am still scrapping, but to also get some ideas from you all to finish it up, here it is...

I plan on stickling the letters "BOWL", but am thinking the diamonds need something, too. Maybe faux stitching drawn around the edges? Or just a simple black line? Or a star brad inside each one (to match the stars in the patterned paper)? There will also be string or fiber threaded through the loops, and I'll adjust the "let's" a bit. Journaling will go on the left in the blue space- not sure if I'll put that on another piece of cardstock or what. So come on girls, give me your ideas! =o)

1 comment:

  1. I love the diamonds....they look great. If you do anything I think you should do it with the string. Maybe loop it or something between diamonds? Stitching might look good around the diamonds, but once you get the stickles on I think it will be fine. Need to do something fancy with the journalling. Maybe a journaling card or something?