Friday, April 15, 2011


Several years ago my husband's grandma found out that I didn't own a sewing machine and bought me one for Christmas. My first project was to make some very simple valances for our kitchen. VERY simple... rectangular, two different patterns sewn together. Want to know how long it took me? Almost 2 years. Yes, yes, most of that time was pure procrastination. But in the end I got them done and installed in our kitchen (that took me 3 years to pick new paint for... literally... ask anyone who visited my home during that time... paint samples taped to the wall!). In any case, I "started" a new sewing project about a year ago. And just recently purchased some additional materials for it I thought I'd share. Cute, right? =o) This will "soon" be transformed into my new apron! Any guesses how soon "soon" will be? HA!

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