Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Mom and I started "The Monkey Wars" five or six years ago. We had noticed that monkeys were popping up everywhere in fancy houses. Not cute monkeys, either. Creepy, yucky, ugly monkeys! Mom started it by finding an ugly monkey planter she gave to me at Christmas. Since then there have been monkey nipple posters, kleenex boxes, figurines, scrapbooks with a monkey theme, and so on. I even adopted a live monkey in Mom's name at the Colorado Springs zoo one year! Lately the theme has become "sock"... mom surprised me Christmas morning with a collection of bumper stickers sporting greetings such as "I love sock monkeys". Well, my mother-in-law doesn't quite get the monkey war... she thinks that we really like monkeys, so this christmas I got..... well, you can see for yourself! I have to confess- it's crazy, fits my style, and I love it! LOL! And in case you're wondering, yes, I have worn it in public. Well, the pick up line at school, but that's still in public!